Monday, July 31, 2006

If Only You Knew

CAPTION: "Photo courtesy"

If Only You Knew
By Eddie Zacapa

How my heart trembles
and my soul screams.

How my days are numbered
and my ways seen.

Can I seek for kind relief
or should I leave it for fate to see?

How can I live in this ocean of misery?
How can all my thoughts lead me astray
to a field of dry weeds?

If only you knew what you did to me.
If only you knew my new found misery.

My tears are many, like leaves on trees;
They fall in the autumn,
they fall in the winter —
crunched by footsteps
walking away.

In the distance I can see
your shadow without
the slightest tilt of your head.

My heart trembles,
my soul screams,
my heart is dead.

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