Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Poetry Corner

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Poetry Corner is a place where you can find inspirational poems. Any poems that are posted on Harmony of the Heart will be found here. I will update Poetry Corner when new poems are posted.

A few months ago I posted the poems "If You Only Knew" and "Tree of Life". If You Only Knew was written in a time in my life when I felt hurt, distraught and hopeless. I think there are times when we all may have felt this way if we are honest with ourselves.

Quick Links to Poems
Tree of Life
If You Only Knew
If I Had My Child To Raise Again
The Creator's Delight
A Hummingbird's Flight
Children Learn What They Live
Little Boys Do What Big Boys Do     
Eddie Zacapa
Eddie Zacapa
Diane Loomis
Rosemary Cadena Najar
Rosemary Cadena Najar
Dorothy Law Nolte
Danny L. Stewart
If you have a poem that you would like to submit to us e-mail us the poem and it will be considered.

My heart goes out to everyone, especially victims of domestic violence and violent crimes, who have experienced abuse because it hurts to be in that place where you feel hurt, distraught, sad and hopeless. Hopefully this poem, If You Only Knew, will remind us of the power that our words and actions have to hurt others. Maybe we have felt this way or maybe we have stirred up this pain in others. Either way, we can learn from this and connect with that part in all of us that wants to love and contribute to the well-being of others.

The Tree of Life is a poem that helps us to connect with God. It is about a deep longing for our Creator, a desire to spend time with him and to replenish our soul by drawing from his living water. It is a poem that we can all say as a prayer.

Another poem that has been added to Poetry Corner is The Creator's Delight by Rosemary Cadena Najar. It is about how no one decorates like God. She also wrote another beautiful poem A Hummingbird's Flight that has also been posted on our site. Her most recent poem that has been added to the blog is Loving the Broken Times.

I have also posted some poems on childhood that are reflective and inspiring. If I Had My Child To Raise Again, by Diane Loomis gets us to think about what being a parent is really about. The poem by Dorothy Law Nolte, Children Learn What They Live, reminds us that children learn from observing and that we are their greatest role models. Also check out a poem by Danny L. Stewart a.k.a. Quori the Diqtator. The poem Little Boys Do What Big Boys Do brings home the importance of parent modeling and reminds us that the key to social change is family. A newer poem on childhood that I just wrote and added is Make Time to Play.

I hope that you enjoy the poems posted here at Harmony of the Heart and that they inspire you and challenge you in some positive way. If you have a poem that you would like to submit to us e-mail us the poem and it will be considered.


Anonymous said...

What's the link to PoetryCorner? I'm the founder of Today's Woman Writing Community. Care to link exchange?

Eddie Zacapa said...

Rose - Thanks for the interest in Poetry Corner. The link is www.harmonyheart.blogspot.com/2006/08/poetry-corner.html. A link exchange sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eddie - I enjoyed reading "Tree of Life". You've encouraged me to start a blog with my own writing on!

Eddie Zacapa said...

Jen - I am glad to hear you enjoyed the poem "Tree of Life." Good luck with your blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eddie, great site you got here! I also run a blog (less than a month old) on inspirational stuffs. The URL is http://in-spiracio-blogspot.com. Care for a link exchange?

Eddie Zacapa said...

Segun - Thanks for the affirming words. Good luck with your blog. Thanks for the link. I am going to create a link page soon and plan to have your site listed on that page.