Sunday, September 06, 2009

Save Domestic Violence Shelters From Closing

Governor Schwarzenegger eliminated funding to the Department of Public Health's Domestic Violence program with a line-item budget veto.

The Department of Public Health was scheduled to provide $16.3 million to 94 domestic violence shelters and centers in California. Two shelters have already closed and many are in jeopardy of closing their doors. To read a story of a shelter that is in jeopardy of closing click here.

Recently Senator Leland Yee wrote two bills that would restore the funding but needed the support of the Speaker of the Assembly, Karen Bass. She needs to allow for the bill (SB 662) to be heard before September 11th in order for it to not die on the floor.

It appears that the bill was supposed to be presented on Thursday, September 3rd and encountered an unfortunate delay.

The bill proposes allocating existing money from the Crime Victims Compenstation Fund that has millions of dollars in the fund. If you live in California you can contact Speaker Bass at (916) 319-2047 and encourage her to present this bill before Septermber 11th. You can also contact your local state assemblymember and encourage them to vote "yes" if the bill is presented for a vote. To find out who to contact click here.

This site is about inspiring others. I hope that this inspires you to make a difference that can save lives.

PHOTO CAPTION: "Photo Courtesy of Flickr." Photo of Sacramento State Capital taken by Xelor on March 31, 2008.

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