Monday, February 14, 2011

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Happy Valentine's Day!
Wishing you all a special day and don't forget to tell those people in your life that you care that you love them. You may want to share via your social network something you see here with them. Go for it! Share the love and help spread the message about the positive stuff you find on this blog.

A Season for Nonviolence
For the next three months be on the lookout for our Season for Nonviolence weekly meditations. I will be writing a weekly reflection on nonviolence in honor of the A Season for Nonviolence National Campaign. To find out more about the campaign click here. To read this week's weekly reflection click here.

Feature Photo
Every once in a while we post the Feature Photo, a striking photo for everyone to view. To view all of the other feature photos we have posted at Harmony of the Heart simply click here.

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