Monday, July 16, 2012

Make Time to Play

PHOTO CAPTION: Adam carrying red balloon after birthday party
Make Time to Play
By Eddie Zacapa

When we play we feel glee, lighthearted and free.
It is a time of fun, laughter and suspense.
Our cares grow wings and fly away.
Grace abounds.
Life is good.
Fun is here to stay.

Time stops when we play.
All that matters is enjoying each others company.
Balloons, face painting, costumes, fake tatooes and games are what we do.

Play reminds us to enjoy life, to forget the negative.
We are at one with life - lost in bliss.

Don't forget to play, learn from the little ones.
Make time to play - to draw, to paint, to chase or dance.
You might get lost in a trance.
You just might find the child in you.
You might just get a second chance.

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