Tuesday, May 19, 2020

A Vet Tech That Travels the World and Inspires Others

Amber Lynn LaRock in the clinic with a pup. 
When Amber Lynn LaRock is not in the clinic treating and saving animals she can be seen traveling the world. Having worked as a vet tech in a clinic for over five years, she decided to go from taking a vacation once a year (where she could volunteer) to building a business where she could travel more often and do what she loves to do at the same time.

She writes, "I wanted to create a life that filled me up, so I knew it was time to look at my veterinary career in a different way."

That led to her becoming a traveling vet tech while writing for clients as well. She has 12 clients that pay her to post content and she also helps others with their businesses. She typically spends 4 days a week online all day and the other days volunteering at local animal rescues or just exploring the current city she is in.

She also seems to have an affinity for kittens and fostering them when she can. You can follow her adventures on her Instagram page vettetechandtravel and also check out her website at https://www.allassistva.com/.

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