Thursday, October 05, 2006

Raising Small Souls

CAPTION: "Photo courtesy" A bee buzzing around a lemon tree. The "Animal School" movie promoted below talks about how we should try to raise our children to be bees.

Parenting is a gift. To be able to help children reach their full potential as human beings and discover the self-confidence to carry it out is a true blessing. Each child is filled with a treasure of unique talents, personality and gifts. And it is very rewarding to be able to see them blossom right before our eyes.

But parenting can be challenging at times and children don't come with a child's manual. As parents and caregivers we should always keep learning and be willing to observe children to help them grow. One website that helps parents and teachers in that journey of mentoring children is

On the home page there is a short movie that is very informative and inspiring. It is a movie that not only parents will identify with but that everyone can identify with. It is about a story of animals that represent different little persons (children) who attend a school called "Animal School." It addresses the different types of children and the obstacles that they face in school and how they end up coping. To check it out just click on this link,, and click on the purple rectangle.


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