Monday, April 02, 2012

A Story About Giving Support

Andrew waiting to bat.
Two weeks ago my son, Andrew, started playing little league baseball. I was so proud of him. Yet, when he got up to the plate in his first official game he did not get a hit. A matter of fact he did not get a hit in the whole game. Every time he went up to bat my heart seemed liked it was going to pop out of my chest. 
I was worried he might be disappointed. He wasn't. He just had fun playing in the game and was happy that his team won. I was so happy that he did not get caught up in evaluating his performance. He seemed oblivious to doing that and just enjoyed the game and being able to play and participate.

Giving Feedback
One of the things I noticed when Andrew would go up to bat was that he appeared nervous. He seemed stiff and his swing was slower than what I was used to seeing. His mother and I gave him some pointers after the game on his stance and swing. He was very open to hearing our feedback. His mom showed him some videos on YouTube as well and he got familiar with a swing and stance that he felt comfortable with.

That week following the game I went out with him on three different days to practice hitting. He was hitting a lot of the balls I was pitching him.

When his next game came we practiced before the game. He appeared very confident. He was swinging with more force than before and connecting with the ball. He also would say things like, "Watch me ... I'm going to hit this one far."

Well, when he went to bat in the game he got his first hit of the season. His mom and I were so excited. He went on to get four hits that game and was given the game ball by the coaches. It was wonderful to see him being recognized and to see such a dramatic turn around in his batting.

When we went to celebrate, by going out to eat some tacos, he shared with us that he was thankful for the support we gave him. It was a priceless moment. It is wonderful to be able to contribute to your children's growth and achievement.

I want to say that it wouldn't have mattered if Andrew did not get any hits. We would have treated him with the same love and acceptance we always do, but it was a blast to see him reach his full potential and to be a part of that. There is something magical about helping and supporting another person reach their dreams. I think that if we can stay connected to this energy all the time life would be much more enjoyable.

Marshall Rosenberg, founder of Nonviolent Communication, shares that we all have a need to contribute to others well-being. We are wired to enjoy giving to others. I encourage you to nurture giving more and enjoy what comes from it.

Do you have a story about supporting someone in your life reach a goal or about giving? How did it impact your life or that of others?


Steel Ties said...

Beautiful story, thank you!

Eddie Zacapa said...

You are most welcome Steel Ties. I am glad you enjoyed it.