Life Enriching Communication
Life Enriching Communication (LEC) was founded to help others learn and share Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and to help people navigate conflict effectively. One key focus in NVC is becoming aware of everyone's needs so as to resolve conflict in such a way that all parties needs are valued.

Eddie is a co-founder of LEC and serves as the executive director. He started LEC with the burning desire to help others be able to resolve conflicts in the home, workplace, and other environments. The organization is involved in ending domestic violence, providing parenting classes in El Dorado County and doing prevention work at local schools. If you would like to support the work Eddie is doing with LEC you can make a donation on PayPal here

Eddie lives in Sacramento, CA. If you are interested in working with Eddie you can contact him via email at or call him at 916-409-0879.

You can visit the website at

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