Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nonviolent Communication

Here are all the posts that I have posted on nonviolent communication (NVC), also known as giraffe language. NVC was founded by Marshall Rosenberg about 40 years ago. It is being taught all over the world.

It is a language that focuses on feelings and needs. It helps individuals focus on needs so that they can focus on that which serves life instead of the things that don't serve life. I encourage to you to check out the posts below.

Nonviolent Communication Basics
A Language of the Heart
Nonviolent Communication
If Animals Could Talk (what type of communicator are you?)
How to Deal with Difficult People
Connecting to Life with Requests
Saying "No" in a Positive Way
Nonviolent Communication Vintage TV Clip (Video of Marshall)
Giraffe Mourning (Letting Go in NVC)
Mourning Unmet Needs
Going Beyond Fear
Parenting Without Promoting Fear
Serving Life


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