Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Season For Nonviolence Reflections - Week 5

"All things pass. Patience attains all it strives for." - Sr. Theresa of Avila

I once heard patience defined as "slow to boil." I liked this definition because it denotes that patience is something that we can control. We can do things to keep from boiling or going over the edge. Patience can also apply to staying focused on a task even when the chips are down.

Sometimes clients tell me that they practiced patience during the week. I like to ask them what they specifically did that allowed them to experience patience. At first they are surprised by this question. After further thought they might say that they used positive self-talk, deep breathing, journal writing or took a walk. I like asking this question because I think it is important to be able to know what we can do to attain patience in our lives.

It is not just something that happens to us or we can wish for. There is something we are doing to create the patience. And when we attain patience we can attain all we strive for.

This week I challenge you to think about specific things that you can do to attain patience in your life and start practicing them. I believe when we practice specific actions consistently we attain a discipline that leads to more patience in our lives.

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