Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Fallen Branch's Cry

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A Fallen Branch's Cry
By Eddie Zacapa

Just like a branch has a tree
so do I have mine.

I belong to the Tree of Life,
the tree that always shines.

A tree that if one is a part of
living water flows
within him.

But my heart is in disarray and
my soul dry.
I thirst for water and bread
in the dusk of night.

I am longing to curl around and
touch the ground.

I move on.

I sway to my right and
Dance with the night.

I want to see the light.
I want to hear joy and gladness,
I want to be a part of the living.

"Let the bones you have crushed
rejoice." 1Let me hear your voice;
let my heart
leap at
making the right choice.

Connect me to my tree, and
breath life into me.

Make me green with life and
Give me peace abound, O Lord,
My Tree of Life.
1. Psalm 51:8

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