Monday, September 11, 2006

The Creator's Delight

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The Creator's Delight
by Rosemary Cadena Najar

How the hills cry out
to their Creator
Every day a fresh breath
of gratitude
As the sun arises anew
and dawn smiles down
Each little flower yawns
and stretches its petals
Bees search out
their favorite scent
Butterflies linger
and drink sweet nectar

Clouds gather themselves
bathing meadows and woods
Thunder rumbles
sending swords of lightning
Rainbows play tag
while children ooo and aahh
Oceans dance their waves
for the Creator's delight
Deep lakes lay still
reflecting snowy peaks

Animals feed their young
then rest at sunset
The night comes clear and cool
to cover it's creatures
While the moon rises
watchful over us all
Sleep now and dream
your Creator is in control...

NOTE: Permission was granted by author to use this poem.

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