Friday, May 11, 2007

Filipina Princess

By Eddie Zacapa

Filipina Princess
who radiates love and joy,
will you walk with me?

Your smile lights up a room
and brightens the hearts
of all those around you.

Your iron will directs you, with it you can accomplish anything.

Your dark brown eyes can burn through lead;
you see what others cannot see.
The sparkle in your eyes
bring comfort to the heart and
safety that people only can dream about.

Your laugh can calm any storm and warm the soul.
You bring joy to those around you
when you dance with glee.

Your soft caramel skin
invites the touch of others; a hug, a kiss, a caress.
You are the epitome of love
when you believe in who you are – a princess of love.

My Filipina Princess will you walk with me?

I want to walk to those places that are still foreign to me in your heart. For when I walk there I will never want to come back.

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