Friday, June 08, 2007

Celebrating One Year Anniversary!

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It has been one year that Harmony of the Heart has been around. It is hard to believe that one year has passed by already. We are very thankful to all of the readers and supporters of the blog/site. We hope to continue to inspire people for years to come. Below are some comments that some people have said this year about Harmony of the Heart.

"Your sight reflects a heart and mind that has been transformed. Very beautiful as well. Thank you for the time and effort." - Paul,

"Outstanding site! Good luck to you!!!" - Connie

"Love, love, love your site. Gonna add it to my blog: It's the first time i've bookmarked a site. Wonderful!" - Nicole

"This is a site everyone should visit. Wonderful inspiring articles. You have obviously put alot of work into this page, and it is done well. Everyone should read Discovering the Gift in Trails and Afflictions, as well as Going Beyond Fear. Thank you for your efforts and for doing what you do. May God Bless." - Bonnie

"Your site made me smile!" - Amnon

"A great site dedicated to helping people live life to the fullest. Building up people. It should be that sites like yours grow faster than the billion dollar porn sites, which humilitate and degrade people." - Bob

"I'm bookmarking this site! What a wonderful presentation in blog format, so easy to navigate and chock full of interesting and inspirational content and graphics. Very well done and highly recommended!" - Carolyn

"Love your site and know that if people take the time to review your posts, it will change their life forever. With five children, I know your site will have an impact on generations to come. blessings from me at Once Upon a Family." - Jennifer

"What a great blog! I love the concept and the posts. I have added you to my favorites and will be back ..." - Robert

"Beautiful! Simply beautiful! How inspiring ... I will pass your site to some of my team members, it is really great to read such nice words while working." - Mariana,

"It's so refreshing to read someone elses written work. It's good because I don't feel alone at the task. Thanks for the healing of the heart piece. Very good. Keep on encouraging and enlightening others ..." - Richard


Taylor Blue said...

Congrats...and many more...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful site, excellent posts, healthy perspectives!
Congrats on one year. Best of luck with the year ahead!!!
Take care.