Friday, November 09, 2007

Little Boys Do What Big Boys Do

PHOTO CAPTION: "Photo Courtesy"

Little boys do what big boys do
Little girls do what big girls do.
So when we get mad at little people
We should really be mad at me and you –
They do what we do.

When little people see big people using power and control
They can’t always tell the difference.
Movies, TV, and cartoons are a reality to five year olds.
So the causes of their violent behaviors aren’t that mysterious.
The culture of violence must change.
Love has to take the stage.

Change will not take place if there’s no honesty.
Our society rejects honesty because it means living in reality.
We must face the reality that the future is very grim.
Then we can make the future better for them.

We need to create a new breed of role models.
Something real for children to follow.
There’s nothing more real than family.
Why we don’t see each other this way
Is a real puzzle to me.

Sure for thousands of years
We’ve raped, beat, cheated, and neglected each other.
But after thousands of tears
We’ve yet to realize we’re sisters and brothers.
You see, in my mind it’s easy as ABC.

When we get tired of life’s current mediocrity
And we are truly ready to reach a new level of reality;
Then Rambo-and-Terminator-like movies will be replaced
By portraits of family.

It won’t be easy. Family will always have adversity
Because power and control makes sooooo much money.
Therefore it is my goal to show the value of family
To the world –
To rid it of power and control.

© 2007 Danny L. Stewart a.k.a. Quori the Diqtator

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Unknown said...

Hello! I found your blog from linkreferral. I really like what you wriet about. It's interesting. I like the pictures you use. :) Happy Holidays!

Eddie Zacapa said...


Thanks for the comment. It is always to good to hear from readers. Happy Holidays!


Jesus Welder said...

In my job (steelworker) I see many bad role models for fathers. Honesty and truth have almost dissappeared. It is, however, amazing how strong charactered people stand out distinctly in this darkened environment.

TroubleX2 said...

Hi! The photographs on your site are so beautiful and soulful. Very inspirational and uplifting. I enjoyed my visit so much!