Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some Cool Finds

PHOTO CAPTION: "Photo Courtesy" I found this photo this weekend and just had to post it.

A wanted to share some links that I found on the web this week. I hope that you enjoy them and that they inspire you.

Check out these trees that smell like cookies. Yummy!

Could you survive without money? Meet a rugged man who does and who lives in a remote cave.

An inspirational story about Sydney, a fourth grader who fights cancer and wins. This little girl was diagnosed with cancer in June 2006 and today is feeling healthy and enjoying gymnastics, soccer and art classes. "The doctors and nurses at Sutter saved my life so I can run around and play like a regular kid," she says. "I'm Sydney, and that's my story."

Soon to be parents make a cute video about naming their baby daughter.

A sneaky squirrel that wants to get his picture taken.

Book your stay at a nice french castle.

Some adorable animal photos.

Check out more cool finds.

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