Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kim Clijsters Inspires Mothers with U.S. Open Win

Kim Clijsters made history when she won the U.S. Open on September 13th and became the first mom to win a major since Evonne Goolagong Cawey took the 1980 Wimbledon title.

After the winning point she fell to the ground and started crying. After having beaten Serena Williams in the semi-finals and then beating No. 9 Caroline Wozniacki for the title she moved many people with her amazing comeback tale.

Clijsters, who was invited to the tournament as a wildcard, had taken two years off from playing tennis to focus on her family and baby. Her baby, Jada, 18-months old, and husband were both present to watch her win.

She said in a post interview of the unbelievable comeback, "This is something that I ... in my wildest dreams could never imagine happening."

Clijsters shows us that you can still put family first and go after your dreams and play your best game. For all the moms out there this is a great story of how you can put family first and still live out your dreams. Kudos to you Mrs. Clijsters!

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