Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Healthy Relationships vs. Unhealthy Relationships

Does Your Relationship Need a Makeover?

As a counselor I see many people who are stuck in unhealthy relationships. Some people don't know what unhealthy (or abuse) means in a relationship because they grew up in an unhealthy environment. Unhealthy for them is normal or what they are used to.

When we enter a relationship we don't get a book on relationships and rarely are we taught what is healthy and what is unhealthy. It would be great if we could all take a relationships 101 class at some time in our lives. Unfortunately, for many their education on relationships is based on movies, romance novels, fairy tales and unhealthy role models.

When I facilitate workshops, classes, or group sessions many of my clients begin to learn about what is unhealthy vs. healthy and they tell me that they wish that they had learned this in high school. I encourage everyone to check and see if what they think is healthy really is healthy. It is possible that we can be in an unhealthy relationship and not really know this.

To make sure you are on the right track and to find out if your relationship is healthy or unhealthy you can take this short quiz at love is respect.org. The website is a good resource for relationships and I recommend it especially to young couples.

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