Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Inspires You?

Your Talent May Touch Others

It’s no accident that we love the things we love or that we are good at the the things we like to do most. God inspires our passions for a reason – because He wants us to turn around and use our gifts to benefit others. He doesn’t want us to hoard our talents and keep them to ourselves. He wants us to use them and then either use the monetary blessings they generate or our actual talents to do the things that will benefit the lives of others.

I recently read a story about a guitar player who agreed to volunteer his services to a hospice agency. Even though he never fulfilled his dreams to play in a famous band, he decided to share his love of music with others anyway. He made himself available to play his guitar to comfort patients. So many had enjoyed his music that he was requested to play for a woman who wanted to be lulled into the afterlife by his music. He used his God-given talent to play relaxing and calming music that created a peaceful and positive atmosphere. As he began to play, the woman was told to go whenever she was ready. As she took her last breath, she left with a peaceful smile on her face despite all of the pain she had been enduring as a result of her terminal illness.

Never in a million years did this guitar player think he would play to an audience of one – and never could he have imagined the significance of his contribution. We may not all be called to do this type of work, but we must always be open to sharing our talents rather than keeping them all to ourselves.

So if you like to sing, God wants you to use that talent to bless others. You bless others when you sing by stirring up positive emotions that encourage others and bring happiness. You bless others when you use the money you could possibly generate from your talent to raise funds for a charity or for someone who truly needs it.

If you like to paint, God wants you to use that talent for His good will and the same applies to you. If you like to write, God wants you to write for His purposes and use it to bring about a positve change in the world. Are you getting the picture? Whatever gifts you have, don’t take them for granted. Don’t ever think that just because you haven’t become famous like you’d always hoped, that your talents and gifts are of no value. Use your gifts and allow God to multiply them for the upbuilding of His kingdom. You never know who they may bless.

Guest post by Keisha Easley from Highly Favored

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