Saturday, October 03, 2009

Wonder of Wonders

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Wonder of Wonders

There's wonder when a grain of sand
becomes a perfect pearl;
when, in the east, the sun will rise
to heat and light the world.
How does a mighty oak tree
from a tiny acorn grow;
and purple martins return in spring
to homes they already know?
Why have humans throughout time
looked up and been convinced?
The beauty of creation
is awesome evidence.
Perhaps somewhere deep inside our souls
a sense of God comes through,
and with the spark that lights a fire,
we come to know what's true.
Insight is granted to each of us
to accept or reject as we will.
And even if we ignore it,
His Spirit remains with us still.
He comes to us in sunshine,
and He comes again in rain.
He's there with us in happy times
and shares with us our pain.
It's when we learn to seek Him
that all wonder is revealed.
We'll say to Him, My Savior,
and find that we are healed.
By Linda Gleason
Copyright © August, 2009
All Rights Reserved.
Printed with Permission.
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Silent Poet Klaus said...

These are the words I can use right now, The burden is too much to carry myself. Thanks to this post I've been reminded that there is someone to turn to.

A nice site to visit.. Keep it up.

Eddie Zacapa said...

Silent Poet - Thanks for the comment. I'm glad the poem was uplifting. You have a nice site as well.