Friday, May 21, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr. Pledge

Dr. Alveda King on a TV show talked about her uncle and the power of nonviolence. She shared that every participant in the civil rights marches in the 60’s was required to sign this pledge before they could participate.

What a great pledge for us to commit to in our daily lives. If enough of us would commit to this maybe we can dramatically impact our world for the better.

1. Meditate on teachings of Jesus daily.
2. Remember that the non-violent movement seeks justice and reconciliation, not just victory
3. Walk & talk in the manner of love/charity, for God is love.
4. Pray daily to be used by God.
5. Sacrifice personal needs. Greed has to go out the window.
6. Observe with both friend & foe the ordinary rules of courtesy.
7. Seek to perform regular service for others and for the world.
8. Refrain from the violence of fist, tongue or heart.
9. Strive to be in good spiritual and bodily health.
10. Follow the directions of the movement and of the captain of the demonstration.


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