Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Practice of Gentleness

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"The spiritual warrior's discipline is gentleness. Asserting gentleness in all spheres of life, nonviolence and peace are achieved." - Raha Sahar

When we practice the virtue of gentleness we get in touch with caring for ourselves and others. It is essential to care for ourselves. If we are dried up like raisins we have nothing to offer. Taking the time to rejuvenate and tenderly care for our needs leads to inner peace and a natural desire to contribute to life.

Don Miguel Ruiz writes, "If I don't feel good emotionally, I find out what is causing it and fix it. Then I can recover my happiness and keep going with my story."

Nurturing a Better Story
When we take care of ourselves we can write a better story. How we treat ourselves reflects how we treat others. Do we speak to ourselves with a kind voice? Do we value our emotional safety and physical safety? Do we value fun and play in our lives?

If we do not value ourselves then we will allow others to abuse us. If we love ourselves and set appropriate boundaries we teach others how to love us. When our boundaries are healthy we can then choose to give our love away. It feels good to give when we are in this place.

Gentleness Brings Awareness
From this place of awareness and value of ourselves flows a desire to not harm anyone and to contribute to enriching our world. Gentleness allows us to call on the will to practice self-control when tension comes into our world. We are able to forgive others because we have forgiven ourselves. Gentleness lets go of control and in its place practices peace. Gentleness is using discernment, giving a tender touch, speaking soflty and thinking kindly.

Take time this week to practice a gentle activity that you can do that nurtures your soul. Allow yourself the time to experience some self-time. Reflect on what it feels like to do this and let that motivate you to continue to do an activity each week that nurtures you.

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