Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Loving the Broken Times

By Kelly Rae Roberts. Check out her site at
http://kellyraeroberts.com/. Poem used with Permission.

Loving the Broken Times by Rosemary Cadena Najar

we want to be
Somewhere else
Another time in life
A better place

Forgetting the good we have now
Wanting no struggle
Wanting not to want
Wanting more

we want to
Have priority
More money, time
More love, attention

Not recognizing what we have
That it’s enough
Even more than
But less than what we want

Sometimes we fear
Letting go of it all
Being lost & broken
Being hungry & alone

That’s when He comes closest
Loving the broken times
When we give in, open up
Our stubborn hearts

Sometimes trouble is an opportunity                                              
For Him to clean out
The dirt and clutter
In our minds, our hearts

What we resist any way we can
He awaits and embraces
Fields ready for plowing
Fertile in our weakness

Sometimes we don’t know
How fortunate is our pain
Like a tool to break us
He cracks us open like a geode

To expose the gems
He’s buried within

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