Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Giraffic Moment

PHOTO CAPTION: Petting a giraffe at Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA.
Many of you know that I love giraffes. I teach giraffe language (aka Nonviolent Communication) for a living and have giraffe puppets and giraffe ears that I wear in my workshops.

So for me to feed a giraffe and to get close enough to pet it was very special. It was my giraffic moment. Giraffes are very gentle creatures and have a big heart. They have hearts that weigh close to 24-27 pounds and are up to three feet long. Their heart muscular walls are several inches thick.

The boys feeding giraffe.
More fun facts:
Their tongue is 18 inches long and black.

They have no tear ducts, though they have been seen crying.

Can gallop 35-37 miles per hour.

Usually only sleep five minutes at a time.

A baby is approximatley six feet tall.

A baby will typically begin walking within one hour from birth.

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