Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Run for Courage: The Race to End Sex Trafficking

No matter race, religion or politics there is a universal agreement that sex with a child is wrong. Run For Courage, a nonprofit organization, committed to ending sex trafficking, believes that all of us as a society have a responsibility and obligation to protect our children.

Run For Courage hosts a 5k and 10k race every year for this very important cause. The next race is scheduled for September 29, 2012 in Folsom, CA at 8:00 a.m.

- Thirteen is the average age of a victim of sex trafficking in the U.S.
- There is approximately 200,000 victims in the United States.
- The aggregrate size of the global human trafficking "industry" is $32 billion annually.

Run For Courage started with eleven individuals who were friends and decided to get runners to run for this cause. Now they are holding races around the country. The money raised goes to organizations that work to end sex trafficking.

"When we moved to a sleepy suburb of Sacramento, I never dreamed that our family would be directly affected by the heinous crime of sex trafficking. However our 17 year-old was abducted from the local grocery store, taken to a motel in the Bay Area, drugged, pimped out through ads on-line and repeatedly abused by men looking for sex with under-age girls." - Vicki Zito, Victim's mom & Run For Courage Founding Member
I hope that you will join me in participating in the race or supporting this very important cause to keep this from happening in our community and in our world.


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