Saturday, July 27, 2013

Knowing When to Stop & Set Boundaries

Photo Caption: Adam riding his bike.
When I was learning to ride a bike as a child one of the most difficult things to learn was to remember to use the brakes. I recall forgetting how to stop the bike and use the brakes. I crashed a couple times until I started to get it.

I think that many times in life we don't know when to stop as well. If we don't know how to stop we will suffer the consequences in various ways. For instance, if we do not know how to say "no" to others we will burn out or become resentful. We may even develop more stress and health problems.

For others it may be working too many hours at work or not knowing how to get out of an unhealthy relationship where there may be abuse. It may be that we don't take regular time to rest and recharge our batteries.

Increasing Our Awareness
We need to have the ability in life to know how to come to a screeching halt. To have one day a week or vacation time to rest and shut down and stop doing. This can provide healing, restoration, peace, and perspective.

If we do not know how to do this in a particular area of our lives we can seek help. A life coach or counselor can help us develop an awareness of when we need to put the brakes on. They can help us to better navigate through the terrain.

Doing Something Different
Many times if we don't do something different we will just continue on the cycle that we are on. It takes doing something different to get healthy and have change occur.

May you know when to step on the brakes and come to a screeching halt. May you ask for help when you need support navigating the terrain.


Lipozene said...

Well somehow I got to read lots of articles on your blog. It’s amazing how interesting it is for me to visit you very often.

Eddie Zacapa said...

Lipozene - Thanks for stopping by and reading. I have been away from the blog and just read your comment (12/13/2013). I really appreciate your feedback. Hope you keep enjoying the reads.