Thursday, April 16, 2020

Rolling Hills Church Delivers Groceries to Seniors in Need

Rolling Hills Church donates groceries to seniors at White Rock Village. 

As Pastor Matt Kuwalski and a group of volunteers from Rolling Hills Church recently drove up to White Rock Village apartments in El Dorado Hills to deliver 60 bags of groceries to seniors, it started raining.

“We were considering unloading the bags in the leasing office and leaving them there for another time,” said Eddie Zacapa, a Mercy Housing resident services coordinator at the property. “I suggested we wait 15 minutes and I went inside the leasing office and started praying for the rain to stop while the group prayed and waited in their vehicles.”

Fifteen minutes later the rain had ceased and the group of volunteers was delivering groceries to seniors, families in need and those most vulnerable to getting COVID-19.

“During this time many seniors may not want to go to the store or may not have someone who can go for them,” Zacapa said. “This is a blessing that Rolling Hills Church can provide this service.”

Rolling Hills Church plans to deliver food to seniors and individuals in need every Thursday at White Rock Village during this time that seniors are encouraged to stay home and shelter in place.

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