Sunday, May 24, 2020

ARTners Offers "A Walk in Your Shoes" Program to Honor All Walks of Life

Painting by Teresa Gutierrez
ARTners, a nonprofit in Sacramento, is offering "A Walk in Your Shoes" program where they will paint you or a loved one's journey or story by focusing on their feet or shoes.

The main idea is that we all have a story to tell and a journey that we have been on, a trial we have overcome, or a journey we are still working through in the present or just things that we love. The program is designed to support all walks of life and honor individual journeys.

"I am a portrait artist at heart," says Teresa Gutierrez, co-founder and president of ARTners who will be doing the paintings. "I love to paint people. However, I also discovered that I love to paint murals too."

It appears she also likes to tell peoples' stories through art. ARTners will also ask permission to display the art in an art show or on their website so it can be shared with others. They will also honor if the individual would like to keep it confidential.

To request a painting for you, a friend or a family member you can email You will be asked to fill out a form telling the artist some information about your or the person who the painting will be about. ARTners will also ask for a photo of the person's feet or favorite pair of shoes. This is the photo that will be painted with creativity added (based on the information provided on the form).

They are painting 12"x 12" or 24"x 24" paintings. The smaller is $75 and the larger size goes for $125. Proceeds will support the nonprofit and many of its programs they provide for the community.


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