Thursday, March 18, 2021

Principles of Nonviolence Podcast on Preacher Boys - Eddie Zacapa

I have worked in the domestic violence field for over 19 years and have provided programs to men and women who have used power-over strategies with others that include physical violence and abuse. 

In this interview by Eric Skwarczynski of the Preacher Boys Podcast we talked about my work in the domestic violence field, the batterer intervention programs that I have facilitated and/or overseen that have had a zero percent recidivism for graduates, my childhood, parenting and my new book Principles and Practices of Nonviolence: 30 Meditations for Practicing Compassion

Domestic Violence is not a topic that we tend to want to talk about but it is a subject that is important for us to discuss. It is essential that we deal with this uncomfortable subject to bring more awareness about domestic violence and abuse. 

Preacher Boys Podcast dedicates its podcast to bringing to light abuse of all kinds and exposing it by talking about it in a way that can help us all. I encourage you to also subscribe to the podcast. 

I hope you get an opportunity to listen to the podcast and share it with others. 

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