Thursday, June 18, 2009

Building a Marriage That Works

Five Keys to a Healthy Marriage

Here are some qualities that are important to have in a marriage. Think of them as the five keys to a loving relationship and healthy marriage. Without keys we do not have access to things (our car, home, etc.). If we do not work on the five things mentioned below we may find walls between us instead of doors to connection and love. To have a relationship where we are open, trusting and loving we need to be willing to do the work of using these essential keys.

1. Both individuals are willing to submit to one another. By submitting I mean the practice of putting the other person first and valuing that person (their feelings, opinions, wants and needs). It is respect for the other person and a willingness to listen, to be humble, and to recognize when we are wrong. When this is done the couple opens the door to trust and security in the relationship. There is a feeling of being safe together.

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