Saturday, January 29, 2011

American Idol 2011 - Chris Medina Audition

Chris Medina Sings For His Fiance Who Has Brain Injury

This is a very inspirational story about unconditional love. Chris Medina, whose fiance was involved in an accident that led to brain damage, auditions for American Idol and shares his love story with the panel of judges. It really demonstrates love at its best. As you watch you may want to ask: Would I respond in the same way if I was in this situation?

"If" Love
There are different kinds of ways to love. One way is the "if' love. This kind of love says, "I love you if ..." For instance, someone might say, "I love you if you lose weight." This love is based on conditions.

"Because" Love
The other kind of love is the "because" love. This is a love that an individual might say, "I love you because you look so beautiful" or "I love you because you are a great cook." Once the individual's figure goes away or cooking ability disappears there is no more love because it is based on something that person possesses or does.

Unconditional Love
The third kind of love is the "I love you just because" love. This is the love I believe all of us desire. With this love there are no conditions. These individuals make a choice to love someone and accept them the way they are. This video reminds me of the power of this love.

I would add that I believe that the good news is that there is a God who loves us in this way. Regardless of whether our family, friends or relatives have failed us in offering this love we can receive it from God. Because we are loved unconditionally we can therefore love others in this way. May you be inspired to love unconditionally and to model what it looks like to others. May you inspire others to love in this way and in the process be a part of transforming your relationships and your world.



Rafael and Jasmyn said...

beautiful, thanks for sharing the American Idol video!

Alex Kevin said...

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