Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Safe Pet Program Protects Animals

When domestic violence occurs it not only affects the survivor and family members, but it also can affect pets. Abusive family members may threaten, injure, or kill pets as a way of threatening or controlling others in the family. Pets need a safe place to be just like other family members.

"Lola" pictured here was taken into The Center for Violence-free Relationship's Safe Pet Program. Lola belonged to a client that fled her abuser and had to leave all her animals behind, including her five-year-old daughter's puppy, Lola. After the client fled, her partner had the animals for two weeks and threatened to kill them.

A civil standby was arranged to rescue the animals and they were put into The Center's Safe Pet Program. Lola entered the program at seven months old, completely withdrawn, under weight and dehydrated. While the client and her daughter were safely in our Safe House, Lola was safe too and thriving -- she gained weight and was completely potty trained within two weeks thanks to the loving hands of a counselor. While the client was in the shelter arrangements where made for the client and her five-year-old daughter to have visitation with Lola. Not only was this good for the five-year-old little girl, it was great for Lola too! The Center's client is out of our Safe House and starting her new life, and Lola is now reunited with her family.

The Center's Safe Pet Program was started over ten years ago by Judy Knapp, Director of Education and Training to help victims of domestic violence leave their abusive environments and know their pets would be safe and healthy.

The Humane Society of the United States found that over 70 percent of adult victims and 73 percent of children describe incidents of companion animal abuse when they entered domestic violence shelters. Other reports show there is a delay in leaving the abusive home because victims feared for their pets' safety.

Support The Center's Safe Pet Program
On Saturday, July 25 Starbuck's will host the 2nd annual Walk-a-Thon. This year they are bringing awareness to The Center's Safe Pet Program. This fun family event takes place on The Placerville Bike Trail...a great "dogs on leash" friendly trail.

For more information on this event or how you can support The Safe Pet Program contact Kelly Plag at 530-626-1450 or 916-939-4464 ext. 205
or email Kelly Plag .

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